Dr. Maureen Crotty Boylan is a certified (Level 3)

 Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM) Energist and

Teacher, and a retired Chiropractic Physician (1988-2020).

Her sensitive approach to the relief of your acute,  chronic and recurrent issues includes consideration of the many factors which contribute to and perpetuate physical problems,  emotional upsets and lack of clarity, including conditions which have gone undiagnosed for many years. 

IQM Energy Healing allows Dr. Boylan  to  tailor her  care to your individual needs for improved comfort, mobility, ease of activity in daily living, and Joy in Life.. 

Sessions are provided remotely via phone, or video-call.

Dr. Boylan has done her IQM training under:

Louise Mita (IQM founder)

Patsy Baughn

Susan Baughn

 Dr. Boylan has also trained in:

Springforest Qigong (Level IV) with Chunyi Lin

Reconnective Healing (Level III) with Dr. Eric Pearl

Taekwondo (Green Belt) with Master Paul Korchak

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Helping you Feel Great


Improving Energy Flow and Balance!

Maureen Crotty Boylan, DC