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About Integrative Quantum Medicine™ (IQM)

 Created by Founder Louise Mita,,Integrative Quantum Medicine™ (IQM) combines Eastern methods of energy access, Quantum Physics, and Western physiology, integrated with the best of many other global healing techniques for optimal, often instantaneous, results. IQM Healing is based on pure Universal Energy (XEN), which allows for hands-free healing anywhere around the world, so IQM sessions are often provided over the phone.

Because patients do not need to understand or “believe in” this healing modality in order to be healed of whatever ails them, IQM works well for adults as well as children and animals. IQM also works well alongside traditional Western medicine in order to speed up healing and increase the positive results of any treatments that a patient may choose. 

 IQM will optimize your energy flow to improve your health, wealth, well-being, peace of mind and overall performance. An IQM in-person or phone session may clear:

  • blockages
  • stagnation
  • old patterns
  • and anything else prohibiting your optimal well being.